First conversation online

Older self (os) : So, younger self, tell me again, why are we doing this?

Younger self (ys): Well, older self, I did these comic pages because I wanted to pursue some kind of career in the comics industry. Hell, I was spending $20 a week on comics in jr high school (they were 75 cents back then in the 80’s) . I was skipping lunches so I could save the money.

os: No wonder I was so skinny back then.

ys: Yeah… anyway, I had friends who were much better artists, and some friends who were at Marvel comics. I also made some good friends at the comic store I went to (Big Apple Comics, located on west 90’s on Broadway, long gone now). I thought, I could do this, and I tried.

os: I remember. It was a good experience.

ys: And it should not be confined to a box in the attic, or basement, or whereever it was moved to over the years.

os: I agree. This work represents about 8 years of trying, from 1982 to 1990, from high school through college. And then the real world hit.

ys: We can play “What If”.

os: Next post. Save it for the next post.

ys: Okay. See you later.

os: Later.