What if? Part 3

Older Self (os): Whew… didn’t think I was gone so long.

Younger Self (ys): Yeah, where were you? It’s been six days since we talked.

os: Sorry. Real life intruded. There was the weekend, and that gets taken by the kids. Then with all this weather, and everyone with a cold and/or fevers… well, all that cuts into the free time needed for this stuff.

ys: I see…. well, speaking as young You, I have plenty of time to do things. If I wanted to game all night, I could. If I wanted to draw all night, I could. If I wanted to party, I could.

os: Yes, I remember.

ys: Jealous?

os: Of course I am. But remember, I am a husband and a father now. Responsibilities change. Priorities change.

ys: So, going back to What If?

os: Okay.

ys: Do I become a husband and a father in the alternate version?

os: Not sure yet. You probably do, but do you ultimately get divorced? Do you have kids or not? Do they hate you? Do you join the Marines? So many possibilities.

ys: As long as I become rich and famous…

os: That does not mean you will be happy…

ys: Jeez… why don’t you just create a timeline where because you/I chose to pursue my art, we precipitated an alien invasion that subjugated mankind.

os: Hey, I haven’t ruled that out either.

ys: Oh, wait a minute. You’re still stalling, aren’t you?

os: Yeah. Like I said, real life intruded. Haven’t had time to even think about what to do with everything. Still trying to start to learn Manga Studio, and using a tablet with it. Still have to clean up the drawings, or at least that was the plan.

ys: Well, as long as you haven’t decided, as long as I end up rich and famous.

os: I’ll keep that in mind. See you later.

ys: Later.